Request: Charlie Hunnam



“MIKE!” You scream out before a hand collides with you face causing you to whimper in pain before you’re gagged and blindfolded.


You’re pushed back into a hard metal chair and you feel someone tying your hands behind your back. All you can do is struggle to get free but it’s no use. The gag prevents sound from leaving your mouth despite your attempts to keep screaming and you hear someone laughing before things crashing around you.


You have no idea where you are, no idea what’s going on, fear rises up inside of you and instincts kick in as you try to get yourself free.


Someone kneels in front of you and you’re met with the bright fluorescent lights of an empty warehouse. You blink a few times, trying to adjust your eyes before they land on him. He was here.


He removed the gag from your mouth and his rough hands cupped your cheeks gently, examining you for any damage with concern written in those deep blue eyes.

“You came!” You exclaim breathlessly before his lips touch yours and he pulls you in for a deep kiss.




The director yells and Charlie’s lips part from yours, leaving a sweet lingering taste of spearmint. It was the gum he chewed before all of your kissing scenes and it had quickly become your favorite flavor in the entire world.


“Good work out there.” He smiled, that signature suave yet goofy smile of his as he lifted took your hands to lift you up, a blush crept up on your cheeks as his gaze met yours again.


“Thanks,” You nodded, unable to keep a straight face. “It’s pretty easy when you’re my knight in shining armour.”


He laughs and bumps you lightly with his hip before the director comes up to you.


“Alright, alright, love birds. That’s a wrap.”


You both nod and you begin to walk away when you feel him grab your wrist. It had always been harmless flirting between the two of you, but you’d always gone your separate ways off set. You would have lunch in the dining hall and he’d usually be in his trailer overlooking his other scripts. At night, you would say your goodbyes to the crew and each head in opposite directions.


Turning to look, you see him smiling nervously but not letting you go and you bit your lip in anxious expectancy.


“What’re you doing tonight?” He asked.


You look behind you to make sure you were the one the question was directed towards before shrugging your shoulders. “I was – I just – I usually grab a salad from the cafe and head home.” you reply, mentally punching yourself for your nervous stammering.


“Do you have some time to kill? I want to review the lines for tomorrow.”


Your eyes widened and he must’ve noticed because his eyes hadn’t left yours. All you could do was nod and his smile grew.


The thing about acting was – you got to spend a lot of time with your co-workers. Hours upon hours of the day, wrapping up in the early hours of the morning. It was hard not to let affection build between you. You had to admit, it wasn’t like you tried hard to fight your feelings for Charlie, all those scenes you’d purposely messed up just to having him kiss you again, weren’t going unnoticed. But there was something special about Charlie.


Most leading men were assholes. Arrogant and full of themselves but Charlie was so carefree and you could see he had a warm and loving soul. The man radiated friendliness but his touch sent waves of fire rolling through you and when he looked into your eyes as intently as he did during your scenes, you could feel that it was more than just acting, though neither of you had acted on it.


His grasp slide down from your wrist to your hand, holding it in his as he lead you out of the building.


Nerves were starting to get the better of you. Tomorrow you two would have another intimate scene. It took a lot of focus and dedication to make it as real as possible but the more time you’d spent on set with Charlie, the easier they’d gotten. The less you would actually have to act. Usually you rehearsed these on set but with more and more projects finding their way onto his workload, he’d needed more time to get focused and in character.


If you could help him with that, why wouldn’t you?This was strictly professional right?


His trailer was bigger than yours. Probably because he spent so much time in it. He’d made it comfortable with a large couch, small TV and a kitchen area. It smelled of him. Like his cologne. Delicious.


“Do you have your script with you?”


He asked, snapping you out of autopilot. You didn’t. You’d left it at your trailer before your last scene.


“No.” You shake your head and he hands you his.


“Can I grab you anything to drink before we start? I got water and red bull.”


You nod politely. “Red Bull.”


You didn’t know where all of this sudden shyness had come from. You’d worked with him for almost a year. You’d worked with plenty of attractive men, but right now, your throat couldn’t get more dry.


You decided to put your focus on reading the script while he grabbed your drinks. You could see him processing what parts he’d already read and getting into character.


Detective Michael O’Brian.


You take a long sip before clearing your throat and standing up. You’d looked this over all morning, reading ahead on your downtime, now it was time to act it out.


“Ready?” You asked.


Charlie nodded taking the script you handed to him and starting off.


“God dammit Amy!” His voice filling the room. “I told you to stay here. To stay put! They could’ve killed you. They were going to kill you!”


You lowered your eyes to the ground, nervously tapping rubbing your arm before looking up to meet his concentrated and angry glare.


“I didn’t mean for any of this to happen! I was so tired of being cooped up here. I haven’t talked to my mom in weeks!”


“Its for your own safety!” He shouted before putting down the script. With a heavy sigh, Charlie stepped closer, his hands holding your hips before one of them slid up your body, cupping your cheek. His brushed his thumb over the made up scratch on your face. His eyes shifting between yours, looking deeply within them. “I… I would never forgive myself if anything happened to you. I love you, Sam.I didn’t want to believe it. I know how wrong it is. I know it’d put my job on the line, but I don’t care. Finding out you were taken, seeing you tied up like that. It made it all so clear for me.”


Your breath caught in your throat. You know he was just rehearsing lines but he was a damn good actor because it all seemed so real. 

“Mike, I – I don’t know what to say.” You pull away from him, pushing off of his hard chest and turning your back to him. “I’m not worth the risk.”


Charlie’s strong hands landed on your waist and skillfully spun you around before he held your face. His fingers sliding gliding into your hair.


“You’re worth everything to me.”


He whispered before his lips met yours. His kisses were always welcomed by this was deeper. There was purpose behind it. This was in the script of course but Charlie’s hands slide down your body to your hips, lifting you up. Instinctively, you wrap your legs around him and unlike any other scene, you could feel his hard member between your legs.


A moan escaped your lips as he laid you back against the couch, his lips trailing down to your neck as he grinded his hips against yours. The feeling was euphoric. If you didn’t keep focus, the fiction alone would send you off the edge. You heard him groan against your neck as his body pressed harder into yours. You’d dreamed of this before but this was real. This was happening.


So much for keeping it professional.


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