13 Reasons Why

Jeff Atkins – Mini One Shot

Jeff: Look out your window.

You: What? Why?

Jeff: Just look!

You rubbed the sleep from your eyes and lifted the covers off of you to slowly get off of your bed. Crossing the room to your windows, you slide the curtains aside to see Jeff standing outside, pink roses in one hand, with his arms spread out and his blinding smile spread wide across his face. You face mimicked his with the urge to smile at his cuteness. Nobody got to see this side of him and you knew how lucky to be able to.

“What’re you doing!” You asked as soon as he answered your call.

He chuckled over the phone, waving his arm for me to come out as he leaned against the side of his car. “Isn’t it obvious? I’m here to swoop you away, lets go for a ride!”

“It’s like 1 in the morning! We have school!” You returned. “No way my parents are going to let me out now!”

“So? It’s the end of the year, you’re awake anyway.” He smirked.

You pursed your lips, thinking the idea over. Taking a look over your shoulder to your bedroom door then looking at the tree conveniently available outside your window.

“Two minutes.” You said, hanging up the phone before you could heard his victorious cheer.

You quickly ran to the mirror, checking to make sure you looked okay. Applying some chapstick and popping a breath mint, your brushed out your hair with your fingers before sliding on a pair of shorts and a hoodie. He waited for your under the tree, helping you down the last few feet to the ground.

His large muscular arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you against his solid form and holding your close. Your senses were coated with the delicious smell of his body wash as your cheek rested against the soft fabric of his t-shirt.

Lifting your head, you stood up on your tiptoes to reach his lips, kissing him softly. His hand ran up your side to feel his way up your body to your cheek, cupping it gently as he deepened the kiss, pressing you against the tree.

“I missed you.’ He whispered, pulling away from the kiss yet keeping you locked against the tree with his body pressed on yours.

You rested your head against his hand, relishing in the feel of his thumb brushing your cheek as his baby-blues took you in, looking at you like you were the greatest thing on this earth.

“I missed you more.” You return, wrapping your arms around his neck. “Let’s get out of here before we wake up the neighbors.”

He smirked, lifting you up in his arms to spin you both around. “Come on.”

You laughed, covering your mouth to keep quiet before he put you down and the two of you jumped into his car. With one hand resting on your thigh, the other held the wheel, driving you off down the street.

Turning your head to face him, you leaned over, kissing the side of his neck. “Mind telling me why you’re up this early?”

“It’s the last game of the season.” He shrugged his shoulders, glancing down at you as he shrugged his shoulders. “Coach said there’ll be scouts there and everything.”

“Already?” You asked, lifting your eyebrows in disbelief. “I thought they weren’t starting to look at you guys until junior year.”

“Well they’re looking at the juniors and seniors but we were told if they liked what they saw they keep you in mind for next year.” He replied.

“Jesus, that would be huge babe.” You said excitedly. “You’re going to do amazing. I know you are.”

A nervous smile crossed his lips and he nodded. “You’re going to be there right? You know you’re my good luck charm.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” You replied.

You’d been dating Jeff for a little over two years. You’d met the summer before freshman year and hadn’t looked back since. This man was your past, present, and future. Everyone in the school knew we were a couple. It was rare we were even recognized as individuals, it was always “Y/N and Jeff.” You liked it that way though. It made life easier. He was your partner in crime and You were his.

He smiled, pulling over in front of a 24 hour 7/11 and we got out. While he went straight for the slurpee machine, I went to look for a bag of chips. He paid and we off again. There was a routine to this. Whenever we were anxious, we’d pick each other up, share bag of hot fries and a cherry slurpee on top of the mountain overlooking the city.

So you drove all the way up, the car coming to a stop over by your usual clearing and got out. Jeff took you by the hand, leading you towards the edge and you took your seats, looking at the city below with lights still creating a glow despite the darkness that surrounded it.

You opened the bag of hot fries, popping a few in your mouth while he did the same, then shared a sip of the slurpy to wash down the taste that burned your throats.

“Can you believe we’re almost juniors?” He asked, looking down at you with his pearly whites in full display. “It’s almost like just yesterday we were going into freshman orientation and next year will be the biggest year of our high school careers.”

You leaned into his side, listening to him as you ate another chip. “It’s a little unreal isn’t it? How quickly time passes.”

“Hey Y/N –  have you thought about where you want to go to school yet? I know it’s early but what if we go to different schools? What then?”

You had thought about it. Non-stop as a matter of fact. Jeff was hoping for a baseball scholarship. He would go to whatever school gave him the most money. What would that mean for your relationship? You had no idea what you wanted to do. You only knew you wanted to be with him.

“ If we’re meant to be we will be babe. Whether that means we do long distance or whatever it takes. I just know you’re the one I want by my side at the end of it all.”

“You promise?” He asked looking down you again.

“I promise.”