Badlands – Chapter 2

Jon While it wasn’t a big enough of a promotion to be on the main Vegas strip, our show was in the city next to it. After two days driving, Sami and I got there the day before. Even though the motels down here were dirt cheap, we still didn’t have enough to waste on… Read More Badlands – Chapter 2

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Badlands – Chapter 1

Soooo I’ll start off with the Moxley route because I’m trash and I live for a bad boy with serious self hate. Maybe I’ll progress the story to his transition into Ambrose but it depends on how long I want to make it. I’ll still take requests for Moxley/Ambrose/Rollins. Just message me if you have… Read More Badlands – Chapter 1


Remember the Name – 021

Hazel “You always have us running late.” I groaned, checking my makeup in the car as Dean drove us to the areana. “You’re fucking with me, right? Me?” He pointed to himself, “I make us late? You take forever getting ready while I sit and wait for a good 40 minutes!” “Yeah then you drive… Read More Remember the Name – 021


Remember the Name – o20

Seth The smell of bacon wrapped around me, awakening my senses. Slowly, I sat up wiping the sleep from my eyes. With a grunt from the pain in my joints, I got up from the bed, following the sound of singing accompanied by the scent of breakfast into the kitchen. I stopped, leaning against the… Read More Remember the Name – o20


Remember the Name -o19

Seth It was another sleepless night. The red numbers on the digital clock flashing 2:34 am. I had a couple of hours to kill before I had to catch a flight to Philadelphia for Monday Night Raw. Giving up on rest, I got out of bed to and threw on a pair of shorts and… Read More Remember the Name -o19