Poetic Justice – Epilogue

Two years later: Jax watched as Leila was prepped for another appearance on Charming in the Morning. People moving around her. A person for her hair. A person for her makeup. Charlotte answering calls. Another assistant reading her the talking points. Leila herself answering emails on her phone. It all looked so overwhelming but she […]

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Poetic Justice: Chapter 30

Leila was asleep, her chest rising and falling steadily in a light pink pajama top, the blanket resting under the curve of her breasts. ‘Get Well’ balloons and flowers filled the dim light room. Jax sat in the seat next to her. The same one he’d been in for the last week and a half […]

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Bare Your Soul: Chapter 3

Natalie: The daycare at the hospital was closed on weekends. Usually you weren’t scheduled to work those days since nobody could watch Levi, but Gemma needed you to come in early to help make sure everything was all ready for the inspection later today. You were thankful Levi had fallen asleep in his carseat so […]

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