Between the Lines – Chapter 7

A/N – Just a warning – this is all pure smut. Sorry and also you’re welcome! 😉 lol  Jessica “Charlie -” I managed to say in between kisses. “Shh.” He ordered and I obeyed, losing myself in the feel of him. Should I argue? I should. This wasn’t right. Could my brain even think of […]

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Between the Lines – Chapter 6

  Charlie “I feel like we need to capture more of Mark’s emotions.” Jess said as we gathered around Hugh to prep for our scene. “He’s been looking our for August forever. I think his struggle with his little brother’s defiance should be displayed with a mixture of anger and disappointment that August isn’t just […]

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Between the Lines – Chapter 4

Charlie   Why did I do that?        Why couldn’t I stop?   Her mouth parted, accepting my tongue as it swept across her lips, hungrily deepening the kiss. Her hand cupped my cheek, the skin on her fingertips like velvet against the coarseness of my beard as she held me close. Unable to control my […]

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