Jon Moxley – Request 1

Request: So I’ve been Watching A lot Of Jon Moxley Videos Lately To Reminisce. Can You Do A Imagine Where Jon Moxley And Reader Are Dating And He Gets Her Pregnant And He’s Very Reluctant To The News And Basically Disappears For A couple Months Trying To Process The Pregnancy But Comes Back Right In… Read More Jon Moxley – Request 1


Take Care: Chapter 3

Callie   Friday came around and English ended up being first block. After working late the last two nights, Callie wasn’t sure she could keep her eyes open for another discussion on Hamlet. She couldn’t wrap her head around why they were still it when Shakespeare had a million other works they could focus on…… Read More Take Care: Chapter 3


Patreon Update!

Posted the completed first chapter for What Once Was under the $5 & Up tier. Go check it out! Patreon.com/DaydreamsonPaper Also – let me know how you feel about the tiers? Should they be less? What rewards would you guys like added? xoR